Botox Cosmetic is a potent tool for changing the shape and position of the eyebrow. Excellent cosmetic results can be achieved with often with small amounts of Botox and with little downtime.  However, a thorough knowledge of facial muscular anatomy on the part of the injector is critical, as improperly placed Botox in this area can easily give you the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve. It is best to seek out an experienced injector if you are considering Botox Cosmetic for brow lifting or shaping.

To understand how Botox works to change the shape and position of the brow, you need to understand how the neutral brow position is determined by the muscle actions around the eye. Two major muscles are involved in the neutral brow position: the frontalis muscle and the glabellar frown complex. The frontalis muscle is what allows you to elevate your eyebrows, such as when you are “surprised”, and the glabellar complex (procerus and corrugator muscles) allows you to frown, which brings your brows inward and down. The opposing action of these two muscles groups is what keeps the brow in its neutral position.  Also, the corner of the orbicularis muscle, which surrounds the eye and allows you to blink, squint, and forcibly close your eyelids, plays a role in the position of the outer third of the brow. See the anatomical diagram below.

Lifting the outer third of the brow to create a more arched appearance is achieved by placing about 3-7 units of Botox Cosmetic at the tail of each brow. The effect of this outer brow lift can also be augmented by simultaneously treating the tail of the brow and the entire crow’s feet area on the same side, which usually requires an additional 10-15 units of Botox.

Lifting the inner and central part of the brow if typically achieved by treating the entire glabellar complex, which simultaneously lifts the central and inner brow and reduces the frown lines between the brows at the same time. A central brow lift can also be achieved just by treating the tails of the corrugator muscles only, but this may not completely reduce the frown.

See the photo below for an example of the effect of brow lifting with Botox Cosmetic.

Remember, the technique of the injector and his or her knowledge of anatomy is crucial to achieving the best, most natural looking brow lift results. Dr. Lawton of Bella Luce Medispa has achieved Platinum Plus status with Allergan, the makers of Botox Cosmetic. He is one of the busiest solo injectors in Orange County and has over 8 years of experience doing just facial injectables. Dr. Lawton offers complimentary consultations at his medispa in Huntington Beach. Just call today at 714-846-5950. Click on the still photo below and you can watch a live video injection where Dr. Lawton shows how easy and comfortable a brow lift Botox procedure can be.


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