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“Vampire Facelift” – Myth or Reality?

WHAT IS THE VAMPIRE FACE LIFT®? The Vampire Face Lift has gotten a lot of media attention lately as the latest and greatest way to achieve facial rejuvenation. Perhaps this is because the vampire genre is so big in the movies and on television. “The Doctors”, “The Rachel Ray Show” and even respected media outlets […]

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Juvederm Voluma – The Next Generation Juvederm Filler

      JUVEDERM VOLUMA Juvederm Voluma is the next generation of Juvederm dermal fillers, and it promises to revolutionize dermal filler-based facial rejuvenation. Voluma is not yet available in the United States, but it is currently used in other countries around the world, including Britain and Canada. Since long-lasting HA (hyaluronic acid) fillers came […]

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Mother’s Day Specials & More at Bella Luce Medispa

THE “DUET” SPECIAL IS BACK Starting May 1 and running through August 21 of 2012, Allergan is running its “Duet” promotion. If you are a member of the Brilliant Distinctions Rewards program, you instantly get $100 off any syringe of Juvederm as long as you get a $200 Botox treatment in the same office visit. […]

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Botox, Juvederm and Latisse Specials for Valentine’s Day

  Allergan, the makers of Botox Cosmetic are beginning a new promotion that marks the 10th anniversary of the FDA approval of Botox.  If you are a Brilliant Distinctions members you get a $50 instant rebate on your next $200 Botox treatment….but here’s the best part! You will automatically receive 2 more $50 instant rebates […]

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Juvederm vs. Restylane – Which is the better dermal filler?

Juvederm and Restylane have more similarities than differences when you compare them, but there are key differences that may affect your choice of which filler to use when getting your cosmetic treatment. In terms of their similarities, both Juvederm and Restylane are gels made of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is ubiquitous in nature and occurs […]

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Juvederm XC

Since its FDA approval in 2006, Juvederm gel has rapidly become the dermal filler of choice because of its smooth consistency, long lasting results and ease of use for the physician injector. Juvederm  is an injectable gel made of cross-linked hyaluronic acid.  Hyaluronic acid is a large, water-absorbing molecule that is naturally present throughout the […]

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New Promotion – Save $100 on Juvederm & get FREE Botox or FREE Latisse

Back by popular demand is Allergan’s Duet Program. This promotion saves you $100 on a syringe of Juvederm when you get $200 of Botox in the same office visit. Here at Bella Luce Medispa, we’re improving on that deal by giving you 10 Free units of Botox or a Free Latisse kit if you participate. […]

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Orange County Juvederm Tips – Lifting Nasolabial Folds

WHAT ARE NASOLABIAL FOLDS? Nasolabial folds are commonly called the smile lines, or the lines that extend from the nose to the corners of the mouth. Each person’s face is different, and some people naturally have deeper nasolabial folds than others. However, in everyone, these folds commonly deepen as the face ages.  The process of […]

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Orange County Juvederm Tips – Filler Face Lifts

In today’s blog posting, I’ll be talking about the revolutionary new  injection technique that can actually lift and contour facial features using the commonly available dermal fillers. Since the days of collagen injections,  physicians have used dermal fillers to correct facial wrinkles and folds and restore a more youthful contour to the face. With the […]

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